How one can Unlock Mobiles by IMEI (in 3 clear-cut steps)

Tips on how to Unlock Smartphones by IMEI (in three straight forward steps)

By Katharina Walberg

Every time you obtain a cellphone via a mobile phone provider, it's actually locked into that network's service. If the company offers you a free or discounted mobile phone, you normally have to consent to a 1- or 2-year agreement as well. You can avoid this contract and freely change between networks, along with travel overseas and roam on other networks, easily by unlocking your cellphone using the IMEI number. To permanently unlock your smartphone follow the three simple steps below.

Step 1

Find the 15-digit IMEI number. This is usually written on the smartphone under the battery. You can also sometimes find it on your smartphone's setting page or by keying in a special code to get your smartphone to show the number on the screen. In most instances, the code is *#06#

Step 2

Upon having found the IMEI code of your cellphone, get in touch with your current carrier and inquire if they can provide you with an unlock code. Based on your circumstances, they may well grant your request. Even so, many network carriers will probably have thier own requirements that need to be met before they are willing to offer you with an unlock code, and many might refuse. Generally, if you have completed your contract, your cell phone provider will probably supply you instructions on how to unlock your smartphone, but normally they will insist you are the original owner of the mobile phone (the contract on thier system is in your name). If you're not, for example, you bought the cell phone pre-owned, you will need to find an alternative unlocking process to unlock your mobile phone.

Step 3

For anybody who is not the orginal owner of the cellphone, you'll have to acquire an unlock service from a third party service provider. Thankfully there are a great deal of online vendors selling services by merely providing them with your phone's IMEI code, it's model and make and the network it is locked to. The price of the service and the time it takes to IMEI unlock your phone will depend upon these factors, and can vary quite significantly for more obscure devices or networks. Utilizing a 3rd party unlocking company is typically the fastest and most straightforward method to unlock your cellphone, as it can be performed remotely without your cell phone ever needing to leave your pocession. As soon as smartphone has been sucessfully unlocked it can then be used on any network and in any country you want.

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